Understanding the Suit of Cups

When Cups appear within a reading, it is usually indicative of things relating to the "heart of the matter" or things within the emotional realm; although they may not always be expressed outwardly or even fully understood and known at the given time. Cups helps us to understand how our energy and thoughts are amplified and how it enhances anything we focus upon because of its association with water and emotions.

Cups also represent relationships especially those associated with family and friends close at heart. There within, are many diverse emotions to deal with that can take one on an emotional roller coaster ride and in the process seem to hit every thorn and brier in its path; often times, leaving individuals confused, bewildered and feeling helpless and victimized by life's circumstances. It is through this process of teetering emotions that we learn how to look at how our thoughts are affecting our emotions and vice-versa while paying attention to the energetic signals we are sending out into the universe to attract unto ourselves to manifest our reality based upon our thoughts and emotions.

If our emotions are based on anger, fear, anxiety, worry, hate and ill-willed then those are negative energies that play upon our vulnerable state emotionally and wreak total havoc and chaos within our lives. During times like this, you can expect to find Cups coming up in your readings to reflect situations involving the emotional state and energy transpiring and influencing other areas of your life.

Personally, I have found that when an individual or myself is neglecting to deal with issues that are surfacing to be processed that Cups usually will come along to draw attention to the fact of needing to get in touch with those hidden emotions. Since emotions fluctuate between a wide array of positively and negatively aspected energy, it can also represent entering a period in which your cup will be overflowing with joy. Just as it can also remind us when we have become stagnated and need to release the contents within that are decaying and hindering us from moving forward.

Many of the Cups in that suit contain water and are often seen with water being poured from the cup. Aside from what I've just mentioned, it can also represent how well we are flowing upon our paths and how in tune we are with ourselves as intuition is often depicted within the Cups as well. There are various angles to look at when interpreting Cups within a reading and of course there are many other symbology as well associated with them.

Soften your focus, pay attention to your emotions and listen to your intuition as these are the primary elements that we are being guided to under the influence of Cups.