The World - An Oyster That's Not Always Ours?

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! That's how we're expected to spill the beans in court - but what about in life? All too often, we find ourselves trapped halfway down a confusing path, and we simply don't know what the truth is, because it's yet to reveal itself. To be blessed with success, we first need to understand ourselves and, within the confines of Tarot's greater arcana, this glorious gift comes to us through The World.

Before we can do any real good in our lives, we need to reach a settled understanding of precisely who and what we are. For how can we ever seek to help others, if we're incapable of helping ourselves! I mean, would you trust a dentist with a mouthful of rotten teeth - or an auto mechanic whose car kept backfiring?

Some typical meanings The World might bring to your Tаrоt reading include:

Grasp your learning curve
Rewards are coming
Success is just a short step away
Resolution of an old problem
As with every Tаrоt spread, careful attention needs to be paid as to where a particular card turns up, and which cards surround it. Although The World is rarely a negative card, its influences may sometimes include bitterness, pessimism and idle gloom!

Above all else, The World asks us to search for self-understanding and awareness. It signifies trust, reliability and responsibility - yet these are qualities that come from within! If we possess sufficient awareness of our own weaknesses, along with a little stubborn resolve, then we can construct such qualities, even if we currently lack them.

And by building such noble reserves for ourselves, our self-confidence and sense of worth is bound to shoot up - making us far more productive and worthwhile members of society and the human race. Remember, for a speck standing on a rock orbiting a distant sun, what goes around must always come back around - such is the way of karma! Or put another way, as you sow, so shall you reap...

So, first of all, The World demands that you reach a settled understanding of who and what you are. Only when you've achieved that, will it ever deign to become your oyster! And because this is a state of mind, one reliant wholly upon psychological discipline and inner control, it's not something you can acquire overnight...

But once you've strived to attain it, the rewards will come thick and fast! Spiritual and material success, the admiration of both friends and work colleagues, together with triumph in all your endeavours - the influence of The World is truly boundless!

There's a sound reason why this card terminates Tarot's greater arcana; it's because for those who play their cards wisely, this is the purest influence of all - the final goal to which all the other cards have led!